Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Have a Secret

I have a secret.

It's a secret I have kept for a very long time....

This is not my first blog.

For years I have been blogging under an alias.  I have shared and created and crafted my voice all while being anonymous.

For years I have hidden that I was a teacher.  I was constantly fearful that someone might realize I'm an educator and I might get in trouble.

For years I was nervous I might share the wrong thing or write or say something that would be looked down upon.

For years I hid my passion for writing, creating and sharing through blogging and social media.  I hid the amazing things I learned about blogging and social media.

For years I hid the amazingness I got from sharing and connecting with others.

It wasn't until I started this space that I stepped out from behind my anonymity and started to share as a teacher.  Suddenly my two passions had instantly collided.  My love for sharing my words, my creativity joined my deep passion for education and students learning.  Instantly my world was invigorated.  A new energy took hold of me as not only did I get to do what I loved everyday, but now my "hobby" was something I could also do as an educator.  My life suddenly became richer because my passions had collided!

It has been quite a journey for me here and for me on my personal blog.  In a million gizzillion years I never would have guessed that this would all be blogging as an educator let alone the start of this new space.  You see today is the last day for Hold on To Your Chair.  It is the last day I will share in this space...because it is time.  It is time for my two worlds to come together.  It is time for me to step out from behind my anonymity and start sharing as me.  It is time for me to write, create and share as me....Carrie....inspiration junkie, idea sharer and learning enthusiast...all of me.

I hope you will follow me over to my new space.

Starting next week Hold on To Your Chair will have a new home on my new blog 

You will still find all the great posts, pictures, tidbits about what is going on in my classroom, things I have learned, lessons I'm teaching, things I need to do better, my make me giddy with excitement love for technology and my passion for students  really Hold on To Your Chair is not disappearing it just has a new home.  It's just going to be more of all of who I am!

I can't wait to see you there!

Post Update.... is LIVE and ready!  I hope you'll 'CLICK' on over and come and visit my new space!!! 

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