About Me

I am Carrie.

I'm a mismatch sock wearing, word slinging, photoshopping, illustrating, special education teacher idea sharer who believes all children can learn!!  

I have been a middle school Special Education teacher for almost 14 years now. I have worked with a range of students from learning disabled and Behavioral disorders in resource classes and co-teaching settings to intellectual disabilities and significantly learning disabled in a more contained resource setting. I believe to my core that all students can learn, no matter what challenges they face or learning weaknesses they have. Teachers only need to tap into the strength of their student and optimize them to compensate for their weaknesses and them provide a supportive, structured, safe environment for them to take risks in and succeed.

Hold On To You Chair started as a place for me to share resources with my students and spot for me to document my journey as a 1:1 iPad class.  It blossomed into a place I could shout and share and celebrate the awesomeness that is going on in my classroom. It became a place for me to share my voice as a teacher. Blogging as a teacher has been more to me then I could have ever expected. 

Hold on To Your Chair has even become my mantra.  I share it as often as I can! 

Hold on to your chair kids...There's learning happening here!!! 

I simply never under estimate the learning my students can achieve and when it happens... it's hold on to your chair awesomeness.

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